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SuiteWorld 2015: a blurring of e-commerce and ERP

SuiteWorld 2015: a blurring of e-commerce and ERP
Wednesday May 6 2015

Glynn Davis reports from SuiteWorld 2015 about Netsuite’s efforts to seamlessly meld front and back-end aspects across all merchant’s channels

A new PoS solution that enables 360 degree customer profiles to be accessed at the till and for the full visibility of stock across all channels has been adopted by retailers including Amex Global Travel and Domino's, that made it available across its franchise partners.

Speaking at SuiteWorld 2015 in San Jose, California, Netsuite chief executive Zach Nelson delivered a keynote speech that included the launch of the company's new solution, NS PoS, which forms part of its SuiteCommerce solution that he says "brings the website into the store - in the cloud."

New retailer customers

As Netsuite develops its omnichannel capabilities through the announcement of deals like the recent $200 million acquisition of Bronto - that gives it an automated online marketing solution - the company is attracting more merchants such as Elite Models and TGI Friday's, that Nelson announced at SuiteWorld as new customers.

For leisure brand Billabong, the big attraction was the fact the ERP and e-commerce aspects are completely integrated thereby removing the headache of bringing these together, which Kadima Lonji, global CTO at Billabong, suggests makes Netsuite a unique proposition. 

He says Billabong has initially implemented the Netsuite e-commerce solution but that it will then be a natural step for the company to then adopt the Netsuite ERP solution as the two are so closely intertwined.

Nelson suggests the company is "blurring ERP and e-commerce" whereby for retailers it is effectively the same thing. So much so that he reckons the combined entity could simply be called a 'business system'.

Microsoft partnership

He also announced that Microsoft has become a partner of Netsuite and that by bringing Office 365 and Azure into the Netsuite "cloud-first world" there will be a massive opportunity to further empower retailers "from the smallest incubators to the largest companies" with productivity gains.

Such a move by Microsoft was another indication, Nelson believes, that cloud has now been recognised as an "unprecedented opportunity" in the industry and that the days of questioning it as a secure platform are over: "The cloud has won. The debate is over and this will be the standard way that goods and services are consumed."

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