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CASE STUDY: Surfdome riding a wave of sucess with WMS

CASE STUDY: Surfdome riding a wave of sucess with WMS
Sunday January 8 2017

Surf, snow and skate clothing and footwear retailer Surfdome has boosted productivity and grown fluidly with with a new ecommerce WMS platform

Selling over 900 brands, Surfdome is a fast growing London based e-tailer which commenced business in 2006. Delivering to customers in the UK and globally, the business offers surf, snow and skate clothing, footwear, and accessories. 

In 2012, the retailer’s continuing expansion led to the requirement for a dedicated warehouse management system (WMS) which could help the business scale up in order to cope with surging demand while still maintaining excellent customer service.

The Fulfilment Challenge

Surfdome stocks over 80,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) in their warehouse, all of which are delivered on mixed pallets, cartons or individually. They were visually identifying each item which then needed checking against the relevant delivery notes. This was taking up a great deal of time and resulting in a high level of miscounts. The delay at Goods In also meant that items were taking a long time to appear for sale online which was creating missed sales opportunities.

The Solution

Having identified the requirement for a suitable WMS to address their fulfilment challenges, Surfdome selected the Peoplevox software as a service (SaaS) WMS solution. In addition to being purpose designed for managing the speed and complexities of ecommerce fulfilment, the mobile-friendly Peoplevox WMS software was easily configurable by the retailer and easy to use. 

It also allowed straightforward integration with their existing bespoke ecommerce software platform and MetaPack carrier management platform.


After implementing the Peoplevox system, Surfdome were able to use barcode scanners at Goods In to identify and count all incoming SKUs. This high level of accuracy quickly resulted in the number of oversells dropping from 20 to 30 a day to just one out of stock sale in every 40,000 items sold. With Peoplevox’s live-to-the-second stock update capability, Surfdome no longer has a delay between goods being received and stock updated on the website for customers to buy.

Productivity has also risen considerably: a 350% increase in orders picked per person per hour, and a three times faster completion at Goods In.

Raj Dhanhoa, operations manager, Surfdome, said:  “I would recommend Peoplevox to any e-tailer because the WMS has been consistently reliable with our vast range of products and high stock holding. It has improved our productivity across the entire operation. Working with their team has been a great journey.”

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