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Boden enhances customer acquisition strategy

Wednesday April 7 2010

Traditionally a mail order retailer, Boden has appointed a multichannel customer acquisition specialist

Multichannel clothing retailer, Boden has appointed Experian to boost its customer acquisition marketing activities. 

The appointment will help Boden meet growth targets to double cold acquisition activity over the next year and to increase this by a further 50% in years two and three.

Using its deep marketing data and analytics capabilities, Experian said it will create a prospecting platform to drive and optimise Boden’s customer acquisition activity.

Boden will use Experian’s customer insight and campaign planning skills to identify the most promising future leads and drive targeted, multichannel communications to increase current volumes and response.

Extends exisiting email partnership

The deal further strengthens the relationship between the two organisations, following Boden’s appointment of Experian CheetahMail as its email marketing services provider of choice last year.

Rob Silsbury, marketing manager at Boden, commented: “The strength of Experian’s innovative data, analytics and platforms will help drive our cold customer acquisition programs in a more cost-effective manner. Working with Experian will also allow us to refine our understanding of our target DM audience with regards to mailing frequency and greatly improve the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

Jim Hodgkins, managing director of Experian marketing services, added: “This deal complements our existing email marketing work with Boden and expands on the range of our Marketing Services capabilities Boden uses. Our multichannel marketing capabilities underpinned by customer insight will enable Boden to greatly improve its prospect targeting.”

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