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Kicks gets supply chain makeover

Kicks gets supply chain makeover
Friday February 9 2018

Swedish cosmetics retailer Kicks has chosen new supply chain management software as part of a complete makeover of supply chain operations

The company is looking to boost availability, cut inventory and improve strategic planning with the tech upgrade.

Reflex has been chosen to provide a solution tailored to the needs of the retailer’s online channel and 250 stores across Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Previously Kicks, which handles some 25,000 SKUs and has a turnover of almost €300M, used generic forecasting and supply chain management tools bundled with its former ERP system. 

Clear outline

When the company reviewed its IT portfolio and replaced its ERP system, it also decided to source specialist best-of-breed forecasting and replenishment tools. 

Relex was able to provide a clear outline of an implementation and roll-out roadmap, something that Kicks was specifically looking for.

“Relex impressed both with its technology and retail planning experts,” said Katarina Pörn, supply chain manager at Kicks. “Relex has given us efficient tools for forecasting promotions, seasons, and new product introductions. We can forecast separately for stores and online and we can estimate forecast deviation, so we’re never caught out.”

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