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HMV improves staff productivity with new tech

HMV improves staff productivity with new tech
Tuesday April 10 2018

Entertainment retailer HMV has transformed its employee experience and productivity with new software

HMV has overhauled its instore network in partnership with Cisco and global reseller Cisilion with the deployment of the Cisco Meraki software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) across hmv's 130 UK stores.

The investment across its stores has already resulted in a significant cost saving of over £200,000 with improved network resilience that has increased the productivity of its staff throughout the UK. 

"Thanks to the excellent work by Cisco and Cisilion, we now have a private, fully managed network, which has accelerated growth and allowed more flexibility to help us achieve our goals of modernising our retail sites and increasing employee productivity," said Darren Houghton, head of IT at HMV. 

"Not only have we reduced costs by moving from legacy MPLS to internet base connectivity, but the Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution has allowed us to add monitoring and surveillance on top of the solution, increasing security levels across all our stores. Cisco and Cisilion have highlighted a great understanding of our business and its challenges, meaning we have built a very strong relationship in a short time." 

Rapid deployment

The benefits of the SD-WAN solution include rapid deployment with self-provisioning hardware, control of applications, users and devices, built-in multisite management, automatic monitoring and alerts, quarterly firmware updates and new features. 

HMV attended a series of SD-WAN events hosted and workshopped by Cisilion in their central London Innovation Centre before the retailer decided to partner with the reseller and their recommended Cisco Meraki solution.

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