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Seafolly causing waves with global platform

Seafolly causing waves with global platform
Wednesday May 9 2018

Australian swimwear brand Seafolly has launched a new global ecommerce platform

The new site showcases Seafolly's range of premium swimwear and was developed in partnership with systems integrator and Services Provider, Tryzens

The international focus of the business was a crucial influence on the development of the new digital store that needed to meet the demands of each customer wherever they are based and whatever channel and device they are reaching the store through. 

Paul Kotrba, CEO at Seafolly said: "Our customers are amongst the most discerning. They turn to Seafolly secure in the knowledge that they are buying a premium product from a trusted brand that projects an image of a confident woman in tune with the latest fashion trends. Our customers expect that quality and ethos to be maintained both online and instore to deliver a seamless experience."  

New capabilities 

The new platform has delivered a range of new capabilities for Seafolly that support how its customers shop online today, and is responsive across laptops, tablets and mobile. Seafolly has also established a single view of the customer and its stock to ensure a richer and more flexible shopping experience. 

"We are already seeing much greater levels of new traffic visiting the store and we look forward to driving engagement with these new customers as well as building the loyalty with those who have shopped with us regularly before,” added Kotrba.

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