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Hawaiian retailer keeps it English

Hawaiian retailer keeps it English
Thursday May 24 2018

Hawaiian lifestyle retailer Tori Richard has retained the English software company that integrates its ecommerce system with their EPOS system

The Honolulu-based company will continue to use Data Clarity’s Clarity QBRI software, which has been developed exclusively by Data Clarity and provided Tori Richard with real time information and reporting analysis. 

Tori Richard needed a way to integrate their EPOS software that was used by the retail store network with their online ecommerce system to provide a suite of reports from which to 
track performance and make business decisions. 

Business decisions

ClarityQBRI extracts data and presents it in a report style that has been designed specifically for the retail sector. 

Jason Zambuto, VP of Tori Richard said: "We now make many vital business decisions based on the information provided to us as a result of implementing ClarityQBRI software. Data Clarity has also helped us to create bespoke reports as well as provided the interface that connects with other 3rd party systems. This has had a massive impact on financial performance and an overall increase in operational efficiencies." 

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