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Tudecora brings cashierless stores to Spain

Tudecora brings cashierless stores to Spain
Monday September 3 2018

Furniture retailer is the first furniture store without shop assistants and commercial hours in Spain

The concept – with the accompanying title #tudecora_open - works through a free mobile app that allows customers to open the door of the store and a careful system of sensors and cameras installed by the company. 

It allows customers to open the door of the store from their mobile phone whenever they want (outside of business hours and even on holidays). 

Bluetooth system

Once receives the application of each customer, they have access to the shop, where they can see and touch the furniture of the exhibition and place the order. 

When the customer is located about 10 meters from the shop door, he or she must open the mobile application that was previously downloaded onto their mobile device and then activate the Bluetooth system. 

Two options will emerge from the application: "OPEN" and "CLOSE", the client will press the first of them, and then the metal closure of the store will open. 

Once the shop is open, the customer can access the shop for as long as he or she needs and can place the order on a touch screen device prepared for that purpose. 

Assistance available 

After they’ve finished, the client must close the door, return to the app, press the option "close" and wait for the metallic door to be closed. 

Assistance during the process is always available. #tudecora_open has a telephone number just in case there are some questions during this process. 

Also, to ensure the entire process of the visit, #tudecora_open has a meticulous system of sensors and surveillance cameras and will also require name and ID of those who wish to go to this space. 

You can see it in action here.

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