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DFS launches online AR functionality

DFS launches online AR functionality
Tuesday October 9 2018

DFS has become the first UK furniture retailer to add augmented reality (AR) functionality to its websites

The company worked with global ecommerce consultancy Salmon to implement the new feature which uses the latest iOS 12 software update introduced last week by Apple.

It allows iPhone and iPad users to place a piece of furniture in their home and visualise how it looks and fits.
Users can point the device at any space in the lounge using the camera function, where the piece can be moved around the room in real-time and to scale.

Room dimensions 
The technology is the first of its kind to automatically detect room space and work purely in a browser, without the need for a “marker” object to determine room dimensions or a separate downloadable app, making it even simpler for customers to use.
Salmon led the project, consulting with DFS to develop the prototype and enable the new functionality.  
“We wanted to offer something truly unique to our customers that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but intuitive and practical too,” said James Vernon, head of online at DFS. “Choosing a new piece of furniture is never an easy task – particularly online – but the new AR-enabled feature will help improve the online shopping experience and make the purchasing decision much easier.”
DFS has enabled this feature for 10 products, with plans to roll out every product on the site in the near future, while Salmon is currently building the prototypes for Chrome and Firefox for when the feature becomes available on Android.

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