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GAP picks European payments partner

GAP picks European payments partner
Monday October 15 2018

Fashion retailer GAP has selected a new payments platform to manage in-store and online payments across Europe

The company will roll out Adyen’s payment technology in over 150 stores across four countries – UK, France, Italy and Ireland – and will enable Gap to provide a consistent experience across different markets. 

The online business for both Gap and Banana Republic will also use the payments platform, offering a unified experience across online and in-store. 
“A fast and frictionless experience is the cornerstone of retail transformation. Partnering with Adyen in Europe will enable us to enhance our customer experience with convenient, fast and innovative payment methods,” said Josh Ramzy, payments product manager at Gap.

Local networks
Adyen’s platform will help Gap create a more flexible infrastructure that eliminates the complexity of working with different local networks and legacy payment systems. 

It will also help to create a single view of payments and customer data, which will help Gap deliver a more personalised experience to its customers.

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