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Steinhoff enjoying good feedback

Steinhoff enjoying good feedback
Tuesday April 9 2019

Steinhoff is rolling out new customer feedback software across its Bensons for Beds and Harveys Furniture retail brands

A new partnership will see the Rant & Rave fast feedback solution rolled out across the retail brands to facilitate seamless feedback capture across multiple touchpoints of the customer journey.

This will allow stakeholders to understand how customers feel about their experience in real-time, and represents the next step in Steinhoff’s mission to put the customer first.

Steinhoff has always strived to make improvements based on customer feedback through various survey programmes, but by implementing Rant & Rave, feedback can now be captured and processed more quickly than ever before. 

Insight trends 

These insights can be accessed almost instantaneously from the cloud-based dashboard, enabling Steinhoff to take action to improve the customer experience in the moment and beyond through evidence-based change.

In the short-term, Steinhoff aims to identify the key drivers of customer dissatisfaction in real-time and rapidly resolve them, while the longer-term goal will be to undertake more in-depth analysis of insight trends over time, with a goal of improving the total customer experience and building stronger customer engagement than ever before.

Rav Billing, head of insight & CRM at Steinhoff said: “We wanted a supplier that cares about the customer experience just as much as we do. This, coupled with the effective sentiment analysis capabilities and easy to use dashboard, made Upland Rant & Rave the ideal partner for us.”


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