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Benetton unites behind mobile POS

Benetton unites behind mobile POS
Wednesday April 24 2019

Benetton Group’s flagship London store is being equipped with a mobile point-of-sale (POS) and payments system

BS PAYONE, a full-service payment provider, and Retail Pro International (RPI) are equipping the store.

With the integration of the new POS and payments solutions, Benetton associates are no longer tied to conventional stationary cash registers but can complete sales interactions anywhere on the salesfloor, wherever they are engaging customers. 

The pilot was successfully completed in March 2019.

For merchants, the new technical solution means unprecedented flexibility for sales consultants who, thanks to the new mobile POS system, can concentrate on providing comprehensive advice to their customers.

The intuitive operating system makes it easy for the consultant to receive payments after the consultation and sales initiation throughout the entire store, in addition to calling up inventory, availability of articles or possible deliveries from the branch network.

This is made possible by a lightweight CCV Fly card terminal in combination with a smartphone or tablet.

Payment processes 

The wireless integration of both POS components via a secure WIFI IP address guarantees the highest possible speed, convenience and security of the payment process. The receipt is printed on a receipt printer and, if desired, sent to the consumer by e-mail.

The store concept is also designed so that the technology is completely invisible to the consumer, and the retail experience remains central in every interaction.

Niklaus Santschi, CEO BS PAYONE, said: "Mobile POS solutions allow merchants to boost their sales and enhance customer loyalty by concentrating on personal contact and support. Customers benefit from the intensification of personal consultation by store agents and from the elimination of traditional queues at checkout terminals, which often lead to a decision not to make the planned purchase.”

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