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Cotton Traders increases mobile conversion by 24.8%

Cotton Traders increases mobile conversion by 24.8%
Wednesday May 15 2019

Clothing retailer Cotton Traders has seen mobile conversion rates rise by almost a quarter with a new ecommerce platform

The company has also reduce checkout abandonment by using the platform from Astound Commerce.
Although the retailer has over 100 retail locations in the UK, online is becoming increasingly important to Cotton Traders

However, their previous platform and website had limited functionality, and in order for Cotton Trader’s to reach their aspirational goals for international expansion and multichannel capabilities, they partnered with Astound to develop and design a new ecommerce solution, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
Astound Commerce launched five new sites in just seven months for Cotton Traders during phase one of the project, including sites for the UK, Ireland, Australia, and tailored campaign sites for VIPs.  

During phase two of the project, an additional US site was completed in August 2018.
A full UX audit was completed by Astound Commerce to inform the design and influence best practice system recommendations. Cotton Traders also needed a scalable platform, due to growth in the UK and overseas. 

Personalised browsing

The site architecture was designed to enable features to be scaled across multiple territories with individual adaptations made possible at an individual site level.
Now, the site offers an easier and more personalised browsing experience, allowing shoppers to find what they’re looking for more easily by improvements made to faceted filtering and search algorithms. 

Customers can now also enjoy a speedier checkout process, demonstrated in the 21% decrease in checkout abandonment on the UK site.

Cotton Trader’s mobile conversion rate has increased by 24.8% and tablet conversion rate by 12.2%, with the average load time reduced by approximately 30% across all territories, and by device.
Paul Hurst, head of digital at Cotton Traders, said: ‘With digital becoming increasingly important to the business we were looking for a reliable partner to guide us through the process of re-platforming, but the level of service and speed of delivery from Astound Commerce has gone above and beyond our expectations.”

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