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Hungary’s Unio Coop deploys epaper

Wednesday April 21 2010

ZBD solution adopts electronic shelf edge displays in largest store

ZBD solution adopts electronic shelf edge displays in largest store


Unio Coop, the Hungarian cooperative grocery retailer, has selected ZBD’s electronic shelf labels.


ZBD’s mid-sized ‘epop’ 300 displays have been implemented within the fruit and vegetable department of its largest store, located in Miskolc, Hungary. ZBD’s VISION partner in Hungary, Laurel, worked with Unio Coop to deploy ZBD’s solution, which it has integrated fully with its retail software system.


The Miskolc store had been using paper labels to display product and pricing information within the fresh fruit and vegetable department. However, frequent price changes, often several times per day, meant that updating paper labels was proving to be a significant drain on store resource.


The store wanted a solution that would enable them to update product and pricing information quickly and accurately, leaving store staff free to serve customers and help to eliminate product wastage at the same time. Installing ZBD’s epaper solution was the final step in the store renovation project that has seen it undergo a major technology overhaul, where everything from its chillers to its till system has been updated.


Enhancing streamlined store processes


ZBD’s epaper solution will also help to eliminate price variations, which can result in fines from authorities, as well as provide the store’s customers with accurate and reliable product and pricing information at all times. The project will be reviewed with a view to rolling the solution out across the store.


Cooperative stores play a major role in the communities of small towns and villages across Hungary. Unio Coop is a traditional retail chain that operates 100 stores within Hungary and has a reputation for using the latest technologies within its stores to position itself as an innovative retailer.


Attila Bessenyei, sales manager for laurel, worked on the project with Unio Coop and said: “The Miskolc store has already noticed considerable time savings from using ZBD’s solution. We hope to work with Unio Coop to roll ZBD’s electronic shelf labels out across their store in the near future.”


David Rogers, sales and marketing director at ZBD added: “It simply isn’t practical or an effective use of resource when store staff have to implement high volumes of price changes manually. Our electronic shelf labels help to streamline this process, as well as eradicate product wastage, which combined with our solution’s light-touch infrastructure, makes it a simple choice for retailers.”