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Fashion Bunker gets personal for success

Fashion Bunker gets personal for success
Friday October 4 2019

Online fashion retailer Fashion Bunker has seen the likelihood of a purchase from new customers rise 16% with new personalisation technology

The retailer recently adopted new A/B testing technology from Nosto to help optimise its ecommerce personalisation strategy.


This allows ecommerce companies to test multi-page online experiences consisting of personalised product recommendations and personalised content such as banner images, headlines and copy across any number of pages - on desktop and mobile.


Initially, Fashion Bunker used ABTO to test three variations of different messaging that introduced personalised recommendations shown on its product pages. Analysing the results across all traffic visiting those pages did not indicate a clear winner among the different messaging.


Customer segments 


However, because of the Merchandising Insights capability within ABTO, Fashion Bunker was able to further analyse the impact on individual customer segments. This revealed that first time visitors to the site responded and converted at a statistically significant higher rate to the change in messaging.


ABTO enables digital retailers to execute, optimise, and learn from sophisticated A/B and multivariate tests across Nosto’s complete set of onsite personalisation products. They can test the performance of multiple variations of elements such as personalised recommendations, banner images, or call-to-action copy, across any number of pages. 



James Brown, head of ecommerce and digital at Fashion Bunker, said: “Thanks to the new Nosto A/B Testing & Optimisation tool, we have managed to gather actionable insights on how different segments of customers respond to different variations of a product recommendation slot.”



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