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Coremetrics launches major search upgrade

Tuesday June 1 2010

Enhancements enable marketers to acquire more customers and drive more revenue and conversions through paid search campaigns

Enhancements enable marketers to acquire more customers and drive more revenue and conversions through paid search campaigns


Marketing optimisation software provider, Coremetrics has announced Coremetrics Search 9, a pay-per-click (PPC) management application that improves top-line business results, reduces operational costs, and demonstrates return on PPC investments.


The company said the enhancements are designed to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) while increasing team productivity.


Increased targeting with automation


Search 9 automatically analyses paid search ad performance to identify ads that are over or under-performing compared to others in the same ad group. This feature allows marketing teams to quickly and easily identify which ads are most likely to deliver business-impacting results through conversions and sales.


Search marketers can pause, revise or delete ads to continually promote ads that deliver the best results. Search 9 also introduces enhanced ad and keyword pivoting to help ensure a high degree of relevancy between ads and keywords. Marketers can also find all ads containing specific copy and replace it with other copy. This Find and Replace feature can be used to make changes to keyword-level destination URLs as well.


“We get requests all of the time from our customers who are under increasing pressure to validate the efficacy of their online ad campaigns,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer of Coremetrics. “Search 9 offers numerous enhancements designed to greatly simplify how marketing teams manage paid search ads and campaigns.”


Increased return on spending


To help increase ROAS and drive greater revenue, Search 9 also greatly simplifies the ad scheduling process, according to the company. Marketers can easily schedule any set of ads to launch at any date and time in the future, or on a regularly recurring schedule. Search 9’s advanced filters enable marketers to identify which ads will be affected by schedule changes. Marketers can use structured filters to target specific ads by identifying campaigns, ad groups or vendors, and/or specific content included in those ads.


Coremetrics Search is built on the foundation of enterprise-level web analytics and fully integrated into the Coremetrics Continuous Optimisation Platform. Clients can use Coremetrics’ robust attribution system to optimise search advertising campaigns beyond the last click and use the analytics integration to bid on new keywords that have been proven to work in natural, onsite and original search queries. Clients can also use deep integration with Coremetrics LIVEmail and Coremetrics AdTarget to connect with website visitors, retargeting them with cost-effective targeted emails and display advertising.