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Asda trials 360-dgree scanner

Asda trials 360-dgree scanner
Friday July 5 2013

Till that automatically scans products on conveyor gets UK debut with one of 'big four' supermarkets

Asda has announced it will be trialling the 360-degree scanner from Wincor Nixdorf for the first time in the UK.

Dubbed the Rapid Scan Till, the UK supermarket has installed the new electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) technology in its York superstore.

The till is designed to increase scanning speeds by up to 300%, by automatically scanning items that customers load onto the conveyor belt without them needing to be scanned individually. 

Introducing hands-free shopping

In an announcement on its website, the supermarket said: "You just stick your shopping on the conveyor belt, watch it pass through the 360-degree laser scanner and then pack it all up in the bagging area."

The till also has two bagging areas allowing a second customer to load their products, have them scanned and check out while the first customer bags their shopping. That means shoppers can check out without feeling rushed, cutting queue times in half and reducing overall shopping time.

The supermarket said a trained colleague will always be working on the scanner to make sure everything’s working smoothly.

Garnering customer feedback

Mark Ibbotson, Asda retail director, said: "Mums tell us one of the main things they want us to do for them is save them time. We’re always looking at ways we can improve their shopping experience – and Rapid Scan is a technological triumph in that area.

“We’re the first to bring this amazing machine to our shoppers before anyone else, so we are really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it. We’ll be reviewing customer and colleague feedback to see if it’s something that really works for us."

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