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Tesco updates EPoS cash drawers

Tesco updates EPoS cash drawers
Thursday August 8 2013

Multi-million pound contract will see roll out of new till hardware to monitor transactions in real time

Tesco has signed a multi-million pound contract with Cash Bases to integrate of the point-of-sale cash management specialist’s SMARTtill technology in over 10,000 of the retailer's UK tills.

The SMARTtill system, which offers automated cash management technology and monitors electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) transactions in real-time, will be adopted in Tesco's Extra and Superstore outlets from August 2013. 

The intelligent cash drawer system will enable the retailer to monitor the cash flows of any given till, ensuring adequate change values are available and alerting management when cash levels reach minimum or maximum values, ultimately leading to a more seamless customer experience.

More time to spend with customers

The retailer plans to introduce the SMARTtill to make the process at the checkout run as smoothly as possible, giving staff more time to focus on providing customers with the excellent customer service they expect from Tesco. 

An unnamed Tesco spokesperson commented: "Despite the various transaction technologies available today, we find that many of our customers still use cash as their main method of payment. By giving our colleagues more time to help customers at the checkout, SMARTtill will help us to provide the very best possible customer service."

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