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#Blue Yonder

Predictive analytics: a retail game-changer

Published 26.04.13 by Retail Technology
‘Big data’ expert Rakesh Harji examines the challenges and rewards of rolling out a predictive analytics solution in today’s retail market

New software delivers for Otto

Published 13.03.17 by Retail Technology
Multichannel German brands retailer Otto has shortened delivery times and improved customer satisfaction with new replenishment software

New software keeps Morrisons shelves stacked

Published 21.03.17 by Retail Technology
Supermarket Morrisons has reduced shelf gaps by 30% with new replenishment software

Time for retailers to swap DIY for AI?

Published 10.01.20 by Retail Technology
Have you made a New Year resolution? If you’re a retailer it should be to embrace AI, argues Blue Yonder founder Michael Feindt

Heineken refreshes fulfilment

Published 22.02.21 by Retail Technology
Beer giant Heineken has extended the relationship with its supply chain partner to digitally manage volatile changes in demand with machine learning

Asda supercharges multi-channel switch

Published 05.10.21 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda is optimising end-to-end operations as part of its multi-channel transformation with new technology

Asda chooses omnichannel partners

Published 24.05.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda has announced new partnerships aimed at enhancing its omnichannel offering