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Articles tagged #DRONES

Found 6 matching articles. launches breakthrough drone flight

Published 22.01.19 by Retail Technology
Chinese retail giant has launched the first Government approved drone flight in Indonesia

Rakuten and JD team up for delivery

Published 25.02.19 by Retail Technology
Ecommerce giants and Rakuten have signed a new deal that will see JD’s drones and delivery robots utilised in Rakuten’s delivery solutions in Japan

Amazon applies for flight exemptions for drones

Published 09.08.19 by Retail Technology
Amazon’s plans for drone deliveries are not going away anytime soon and it has now asked US regulators to excuse it from some current flight rules
#Starship Technologies

Starship hits 100,000 deliveries milestone

Published 29.08.19 by Retail Technology
Starship Technologies’ autonomous land delivery robot has become the first company to complete 100,000 commercial deliveries

UK drone delivery leaders appeal to property owners

Published 07.02.20 by Retail Technology
The UK Drone Delivery Group has asked property owners and influencers to provide testing areas for drones to prevent growth stalling

Walmart pilots air drone delivery

Published 15.09.20 by Retail Technology
Walmart has partnered with an end-to-end drone delivery company as it explores air drones