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E-retail reaches mobile tipping point

Published 24.09.13 by Retail Technology
Latest Index figures confirm shift in consumer behaviour as online sales via desktop flatline and sales via mobile devices now account for all online growth
#Mega Monday

Banking glitch affects ‘Mega Monday’ sales

Published 12.12.13 by Retail Technology
Survey by UK e-retail trade organisation confirms initial reports that sales of nearly half of UK online retailers were affected by a banking glitch on ‘Mega Monday’

A third of online sales now made via mobile devices

Published 03.03.14 by Retail Technology
M-commerce now accounts for half of traffic and is particularly strong in the apparel sector according to the latest UK e-retail benchmark

AllSaints ‘Logs-in and Pays with Amazon’

Published 17.09.14 by Retail Technology
The ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ function is now available in Europe
#Moss Bros

Moss Bros offers pay later option

Published 05.09.18 by Retail Technology
Men’s formalwear retailer Moss Bros. has made a new buy first and pay later option available to its UK online customers
#Moss Bros

Moss Bros tailors analytics

Published 12.03.19 by Retail Technology
Men’s fashion retailer Moss Bros is using a new analytics platform to better understand their customers