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Articles tagged #SMYTHS

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Smyths rolls out personal shopping system

Published 25.05.17 by Retail Technology
Toy retailer Smyths is implementing a personal shopper system throughout its UK stores
#Smyths Toys

CASE STUDY: Smyths Toys creates new level of in-store execution

Published 27.11.17 by Retail Technology
Smyths Toys realises significant annual savings and a consistent customer experience with new software
#Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys goes wireless

Published 04.10.18 by Retail Technology
Toy retailer Smyths Toys is using a new wireless headset system to provide an enhanced customer service

Smythson upgrades IT support

Published 27.02.19 by Retail Technology
Luxury leather goods retailer Smythson is now benefitting from new tailored IT support software