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Articles tagged #VERIFICATION

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H&M and Gap launches student mobile campaign

Published 24.10.13 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailers use verification app for student engagement and customer acquisition as part of campaign to drive footfall and increase store sales

E-retail patience runs short with ID checks

Published 19.09.13 by Retail Technology
Consumer research reveals five-minute limit before online retail abandonment and potential losses of up to £2.3 billion in abandoned retail sales
#Age verification

The age of online ID

Published 16.02.18 by Retail Technology
With more products being added to the list of age-restricted items, what will enforcing online age verification mean for retailers? Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, explains

Facial recognition to help supermarkets prove age

Published 17.10.18 by Retail Technology
US and UK supermarkets will soon trial facial recognition technology for age verification when consumers look to buy age-restricted items
#Age verification

Verifying sales

Published 25.10.18 by Retail Technology
As today’s retail landscape embraces digital technologies, where does age verification technology fit in? Yoti’s John Abbott argues that it is the last piece in securing seamless retail transactions.

Asda trials automated age verification

Published 01.02.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda will be the first supermarket to trial an automated age verification solution at self-checkouts

Tesco adds innovative payments

Published 08.03.22 by Retail Technology
US supermarket giant Tesco has partnered with an ID verification provider for a new payment system

3DS chargebacks explained

Published 31.08.22 by Retail Technology
Why are merchants still seeing chargebacks with 3D Secure (3DS)? Roman Korobkov from Riskified explains all