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Articles tagged #WHATSAPP

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Facebook launches shopping service

Published 20.05.20 by Retail Technology
Facebook has gone live with a new shopping service called Shops that allows businesses to display and sell its products

Burberry launches “social retail store”

Published 03.08.20 by Retail Technology
Iconic British fashion brand and retailer Burberry has opened a luxury concept store using social media interactions

Carving up Christmas cheer

Published 22.12.20 by Retail Technology
Britain’s oldest family butcher RJ Balson and Son is partnering with WhatsApp Business to promote their free-range meats to customers in a COVID-secure, contact-free way, just in time for Christmas

Dior launches influencer chatbot

Published 09.05.22 by Retail Technology
Global beauty brand Dior is to create an industry-first luxury influencer chatbot