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Schuh aims to increase website sales

Schuh aims to increase website sales
Monday November 15 2010

Shoe retailer takes on new software to re-engage with lost e-commerce customers in real time

UK HighStreet footwear retailer, Schuh, has implemented a new software platform to help it hit record sales targets on its e-commerce site.

Schuh, which currently has 57 stores throughout the UK and Ireland, re-launched its website in 2009 to expand its offering online, increase visibility and provide customers with an easy-to-navigate e-commerce site. This has resulted in an impressive increase in online sales and the retailer has now implemented the software platform, SaleCycle, to increase its online revenue further.

SaleCycle is able to collate user information to enable businesses to re-engage with lost customers in real-time. This is done by sending out a personalised email to each user, which includes details of the products they were looking to purchase and a direct link to their shopping basket on the site.

The platform allows businesses to market to customers within an hour of abandoning their shopping carts – a time which research has shown them to be most receptive.

SaleCycle is the newest addition to Schuh’s online marketing strategy, which focuses heavily on social media and e-newsletters. This has proved very successful in 2010, as Schuh has won an accolade of awards for its online presence and website.

Not resting on its laurels

The company has also reported an increase in turnover by 8.7% to £146.5 million in the financial year of 2009/10 – a significant rise in the current economic climate.

Lee Faetz, Schuh e-commerce manager, said: “2010 has proved to be a fantastic year for Schuh with our website exceeding expectations and the opening of several new stores across the UK.

“In the current economic climate, it’s vital that businesses are smarter about the way they market – especially online. This is why we’ve engaged SaleCycle.

“The SaleCycle platform allows us to market to customers that we would have ultimately lost had it not been for the software. It also provides convenience to shoppers – something which we are heavily focused on.”

Dominic Edmunds, managing director of SaleCycle, said: “Schuh has an extensive online marketing strategy in place and the SaleCycle platform will help to enhance this further and ultimately increase its online sales revenue.”

SaleCycle said it also offers an in-depth analytics reporting function, which displays up-to-the-minute data, such as the amount sales that have been recovered, how much revenue has been generated by the software and the return on investment for the organisation.

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