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AUrate sparkles with omnichannel platform

AUrate sparkles with omnichannel platform
Tuesday October 16 2018

US jewellery company AUrate is implementing a new omnichannel platform to enhance personalisation

It will be using Snap+Style Business’ Curated Campaigns Product, an in-store clientelling solution for store associates to engage with their customers before, during and after their store visit. 

The store associates follow up with their customer’s past purchases, items they looked at while in store and send them personalised selection recommendations. 

Their customers can then respond directly to the email to keep the conversation going, and easily click on each product to purchase online or they can come back to the store and complete the purchase.

Deep insights 
In order to answer the consumer demand for personalised shopping experiences, The Curated Campaign Product SaaS retail-focused software delivers deep insights centred on extending customised shopper engagements across platforms, devices and channels.

Co-founder of AUrate, Bouchra Ezzahraoui, said: “When we connected with Anna Jensen (co-founder) and her team at Snap+Style Business, we were thrilled to find out that they share the same ideals of helping other brands create that type of communication and promote a more positive outlook into fashion and style accessibility.”  


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