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Matalan boosts omnichannel with new software

Matalan boosts omnichannel with new software
Thursday November 22 2018

Fashion and homewares retailer Matalan has chosen new user experience (UX) analytics software to help drive its omnichannel strategy

ContentSquare’s UX solution will allow Matalan to understand digital behaviour online, capturing each interaction on every page and displaying it in a simple, visual format - making it highly accessible, even for non-technical teams. 

Insights from ContentSquare will help Matalan better prioritise its testing strategy and remove frustration throughout the purchase funnel, saving time, reducing reliance on technical teams, and ultimately increasing revenue and conversion.

Paul Hornby, director of ecommerce at Matalan, said: “We were attracted to ContentSquare because we weren’t getting enough actionable insight from our existing tools. Having ContentSquare means we can now access qualitative behavioural data at a quantitative scale, and enabling access to that data across our digital teams. Before ContentSquare, we generated lots of data, but not much actionable insight.

Added value

Matalan says that the ContentSquare software has added value to everything from understanding the ROI of marketing content, to finding problems and opportunities to test, to analysing the checkout funnel. 

All of which means, the retailer can surface actionable insight at speed and scale, across web and mobile, which will help them transform the experience it provides visitors.

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