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Generation “I see it, I want it”

Date: 19.10.17 | Section: Ask The Expert

Amazon to add VR apparel changing?

Date: 09.10.17 | Section: News
Amazon has acquired a company whose software could be used to enable customers to virtually try on clothes

Ocado launches Alexa app

Date: 30.08.17 | Section: News
Online grocer Ocado has become the first UK supermarket to launch an app for the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled assistant

Amazon plans robotic mannequins

Date: 14.07.17 | Section: News
Amazon has won a patent for a new system for robotic mannequins

Putting the AI in retail

Date: 05.07.17 | Section: Ask The Expert
We hear a lot about AI and retail but just how much potential does it have to change industry? Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO of NetDespatch, takes a look

Amazon drone patent creates buzz

Date: 28.06.17 | Section: News

Amazon drones to use safety shroud

Date: 20.06.17 | Section: News

Robot retail

Date: 14.06.17 | Section: Market Analysis
Sam Knights, director at shopper media agency Threefold, takes a look at the challenges of robots and advanced technology in retail

Amazon adds shopping option to Fire TV

Date: 07.06.17 | Section: News
Amazon has launched a shopping app for its Fire TV service that allows users to purchase via their TV screens picks logistics partner

Date: 15.05.17 | Section: News
US online cosmetics retailer has picked its new logistics partner for its Amazon-based sales