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Consumers still frustrated by online shopping

Date: 14.09.17 | Section: News

Consumers want AI in theme parks

Date: 08.06.17 | Section: News
A new survey has revealed that 85% of consumers in the US, UK, China, Japan and Malaysia want theme parks to use artificial intelligence (AI) systems for ID verification

Retailers lack omnichannel consistency

Date: 22.09.16 | Section: News
New research suggests damaging inconsistencies in the omnichannel shopping experience of customers

COOP Denmark launches mobile payments

Date: 06.09.16 | Section: News
Danish grocery chain COOP is rolling out mobile electronic payments across its entire chain

STUDY: Olympic site operator updates IT

Date: 04.03.14 | Section: News
The public authority managing leisure attractions in the Lee Valley is using new leisure management systems to enhance its customer service and experiences

Is the Clubcard dead as a loyalty scheme?

Date: 26.02.14 | Section: Ask The Expert
Simon Towner, retail technology expert, questions whether the scheme, its format and its competitive value are costing Tesco more than it gains

West End retailers shy of store tech

Date: 24.10.13 | Section: News
Study of Oxford Street and Regent Street retailers finds lukewarm use of technologies that can improve customer service and save potentially lost sales

Research quantifies threat of ‘showrooming’

Date: 17.09.13 | Section: News

Queuing shoppers: gone in six minutes

Date: 13.09.13 | Section: News

Paperchase flagship debuts mobile PoS

Date: 12.07.13 | Section: News
Cards and stationery retailer to open flagship Glasgow store with mobile PoS for queue-busting support and improved service