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Smart mirror to offer payment option

Date: 14.06.18 | Section: News
Mastercard has announced the first smart mirror to include a payment function

Amazon Go: Retail Revolution or Simple Evolution?

Date: 16.03.18 | Section: Ask The Expert

Happy returns?

Date: 28.09.17 | Section: Ask The Expert
The returns epidemic is one of the biggest concerns facing retailers so what can be done about it? Dean Frew, CTO & SVP RFID Solutions at SML Group, offers a solution

Acne breaks out with RFID

Date: 15.05.17 | Section: News
Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios has rolled out an RFID software platform

rue21 launches virtual stylist

Date: 20.04.17 | Section: News
Teen fashion retailer rue21 has launched a visual virtual stylist on Facebook Messenger

A Farfetch future

Date: 20.04.17 | Section: News
Luxury fashion online retailer has launched its Store of the Future (SoF) to link online and offline stores

RFID in retail validated in new study

Date: 11.04.17 | Section: News
New research validates the use of RFID to combat inventory distortion and increase inventory accuracy and visibility

Target bets on RFID

Date: 06.04.17 | Section: News
US retailer Target is deploying Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at more than 1,600 stores to maximise inventory availability

RFID-based inventory intelligence for Zara

Date: 22.07.14 | Section: News
Radio frequency allows retail giant Inditex, home of Zara, to track items from warehouse to check-out

Check out: retail in the fast lane

Date: 14.03.14 | Section: Special Reports
Retail payments are transforming rapidly with the development of contactless, NFC, mobile wallet and cash management system technologies growing in popularity, prompted by faster transaction speeds and increased customer loyalty options. But real challenges to widespread adoption remain, writes Leo King