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Consumers call for more AI in retail

Date: 04.09.17 | Section: News
A new survey by Visa has revealed that 70% of consumers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform their shopping experience

One in three consumers prefer to talk

Date: 02.12.13 | Section: News
New report finds consumers are frustrated at being forced to interact with businesses online, with one in three preferring to talk to someone on the phone before buying

SURVEY: Call centre fraud prevention found lacking

Date: 20.09.13 | Section: News
New research shows consumers positively favour brands and call centres that provide tangible reassurance over card payment security

‘Toxic legacy call recordings’ pose risk

Date: 02.07.13 | Section: Events News
Over a billion call recordings containing payment card details put UK retailers at risk of breaching PCI DSS regulations

UK consumers expect ‘bricks and clicks’ integration

Date: 19.04.13 | Section: News
New survey finds customers are seeking consistency, not complications, and reveals their pet peeves from interactions across the platforms and locations of retail brands

Contact centres hold service key

Date: 10.04.13 | Section: Ask The Expert
As customer service becomes a key differentiator, retail brands are demanding their call centres work even harder, according to contact centre technology expert, Joe Doyle in the next in a series of expert comment

Why modern customer service has to be omnichannel

Date: 09.04.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Mike Hughes, customer contact specialist, argues that retailers must adopt an omnichannel, 'big data' approach to meet modern customer service demands

Survey: consumers distrust call centre security

Date: 11.03.13 | Section: News
Banks, retailers and mobile operators fare poorly in consumer perception stakes, as six million end relationship with organisations each year due to call centre security concerns

Cutting-edge call handling

Date: 15.01.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Networking expert Andrew Bale argues that the latest call handling technology can be a saving grace for retailers in an increasingly online world

Call Centre & Customer Management Expo 2012

Date: 01.10.12 | Section: Events News