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Retailers risk GDPR wrath with old equipment

Date: 19.10.18 | Section: News
The retail industry features high on a list of sectors that are risking GDPR penalties by failing to wipe the memory of old IT equipment

Growing sales with ‘perfect instore execution’

Date: 20.11.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Retailers can improve sales, supply chain operations and customer loyalty by investing more in PoS data technology platforms according to retail strategist Rod Street

Online marketers waste data opportunities

Date: 20.12.11 | Section: News
Global survey finds more than 85% of online marketers believe they can do more with customer data

Hammonds puts energy waste to bed

Date: 27.11.10 | Section: News
New building management systems saves furniture retailer money on power bill

Brits to waste £747.3m on unused apps

Date: 12.08.10 | Section: News
Online discounter raises alarm bells for mobile phone applications development