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Asda enhances employee experience

Date: 21.04.22 | Section: News
Supermarket giant Asda has chosen a new HR solution to enhance employee experience as part of its digital transformation

Lush takes payroll to the Cloud

Date: 09.03.22 | Section: News
British cosmetics retailer Lush is implementing a new Cloud solution for HR and payroll

Sephora transforms HR

Date: 03.02.22 | Section: News
Beauty retailer Sephora has selected a new management system to upgrade its HR practices

Henkel enhances workforce digital skills

Date: 01.02.21 | Section: News
Consumer brands giant Henkel is growing digital skills among its workforce to better respond to customer demands

Co-op Group adds HR tech

Date: 17.11.20 | Section: News
Convenience store operator Co-op Group has implemented new HR technology for its 60,000 employees

Asda enhances team communication

Date: 28.05.20 | Section: News
Supermarket giant ASDA has overhauled communication between staff members with new headset and communication technology

Krispy Kreme joins HR platform

Date: 28.01.20 | Section: News
Doughnut and coffeehouse chain Krispy Kreme has joined a new HR platform, giving access to its 1,800 employees

Co-op Group selects HR software

Date: 24.01.20 | Section: News
Co-op Group has selected a new managed service solution to support their HR systems

Roadchef serves up new wages platform

Date: 18.09.19 | Section: News
Motorway service restaurant chain Roadchef has implemented a new income streaming platform to give employees early access to pay

Costa brews up payroll software upgrade

Date: 27.08.19 | Section: News
Coffee chain Costa Coffee has selected new software to manage its recruitment, HR and payroll processes