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Time for retailers to swap DIY for AI?

Time for retailers to swap DIY for AI?

Friday January 10 2020

Have you made a New Year resolution? If you’re a retailer it should be to embrace AI, argues Blue Yonder founder Michael Feindt

Prepping for peak success

Prepping for peak success

Friday December 13 2019

This has been a troubling peak season for retailers but there are lessons to be learnt. Rob DeStefano from Ivanti Supply Chain looks at some best practice for a successful peak season

The extended range fitness test

The extended range fitness test

Wednesday December 4 2019

Offering an extended range can breathe new life into retailers but how can you make sure you compete effectively? Team work is the key, as Virtualstock’s Tim Hay-Edie explains

Amazon Clicks & Mortar: Marketing stunt or a sign of things to come?

Amazon Clicks & Mortar: Marketing stunt or a sign of things to come?

Tuesday October 8 2019

Should retail be worried about Amazon making serious moves into bricks and mortar? BLACKBX CEO Patrick Clover takes a look

Ready for peak?

Wednesday August 28 2019

Look out here comes peak season, but is the industry ready? NetDespatch’s Matthew Robertson takes a look

What does PSD2 mean for your retail business?

Wednesday July 24 2019

Is 14 September 2019 in your business calendar? If you’re in retail it should be. Tom Pugh from Revive Management explains why

Facebook’s currency move

Wednesday July 17 2019

Some analysts have been quick to dismiss Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency as just another digital currency stunt, but that is a mistake, says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf

Debunking chatbot myths

Tuesday July 2 2019

Chatbots have become increasingly popular among retailers looking to improve customer experience. But just how efficient are they? Rodney Hassard from Genesys goes mythbusting

The Instagram influence

Friday May 31 2019

Instagram has just announced plans to make it easier for users to purchase directly through the platform. So what does this and the rise of social commerce mean for the ecommerce sector? Zilch for Business CEO Philip Belamant explains all

Leading the way

Friday March 22 2019

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers is essential, but what’s the secret to a successful strategy? It all comes down to leadership says Claire Stewart from Berwick Partners

Survive and thrive

Monday February 4 2019

With so much doom and gloom around retail right now, what will it take to have a successful 2019? NA Consulting founder Naeem Arif thinks data utilisation is key

Winning the hearts of consumers

Thursday December 13 2018

Retail brands need to engage with millennial and Gen Z consumers but how best to do this? Dating apps could be the key says Peter Foster from Match Media Group