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Glossybox optimises global customer service

Glossybox optimises global customer service
Wednesday February 12 2014

The online beauty retailer partners over new customer contact centre systems in Europe, with plans to expand into China, Japan, Korea and the US

Glossybox recently revealed it is working with cloud-based customer service software provider, Zendesk, to improve its customer service levels across Europe.

The German beauty box vendor has grown from a start-up to become an international company in only two years. it now has an active presence in countries across three continents including the UK, US, France and Japan. 

Up to 60 service agents at Glossybox manage approximately 30,000 customer enquiries from around the world each month. Using Zendesk, they can now process these much faster. 

Integration and self-service benefits

The contact centre software also integrates with Glossybox’s Magento e-commerce software platform, allowing agents direct access to all relevant order details of the customer they are helping directly in the Zendesk window. 

Online FAQs are also managed using Zendesk’s self-service feature, allowing customers to solve issues in their own time as well as reducing the number of customers who need to subsequently contact customer service agents. Glossybox intends to offer this service globally in the mid-term future by extending the cooperation with Zendesk to support customers in China, Japan, Korea and the US.

Charles von Abercron, founder and global chief executive of Glossybox, commented: “Our highest priority is making our customers happy. Their feedback helps us to constantly improve our product. Zendesk is the perfect solution for this. With the detailed reports and statistics, we can track what our customers want and how we need to respond better, quicker and globally with one central point of access.” 

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