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Check out: retail in the fast lane

Date: 14.03.14 | Section: Special Reports
Retail payments are transforming rapidly with the development of contactless, NFC, mobile wallet and cash management system technologies growing in popularity, prompted by faster transaction speeds and increased customer loyalty options. But real challenges to widespread adoption remain, writes Leo King

Carphone Warehouse mobilises customer service

Date: 24.10.13 | Section: Cover Stories

Business change driving ERP costs sky high

Date: 09.07.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Survey finds ERP software change issues related to business events are not resolved by more recently developed systems

Morrisons updates on IT automation

Date: 02.07.13 | Section: News
Rebranded automation engine continues to enable supermarket retailer to run, build and transform it businesses

Harnessing the power of business information

Date: 19.04.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Data scientist Brendan Moran discusses how retailers can benefit from make more of the data their businesses generate for greater agility and competitive advantage

Retailers ‘tool up’ with apps, cloud and security

Date: 22.03.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Enterprise technology company chief Stephen Keenan has advice for retailers feeling overwhelmed by the constantly evolving technology environment and increasing demand for more immersive shopping experiences

IDC Retail Insights E-commerce Conference

Date: 03.04.12 | Section: Events News
With the changing dynamics of online retail, accessibility, fully integrated user experience and ease of use are becoming a necessity. 2012 has seen a dramatic leap forward in technology innovation that can now offer the tools to make this a reality. But do retailers have the information they need to make the right investment decisions?

IDC Retail Insights maps Europe's vendors

Date: 26.07.10 | Section: News
New report lays out IT vendor competitive landscape in EMEA Retail