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Case study: Waitrose migrates from XP to Windows 7

Date: 13.06.14 | Section: News
As the sun set on Windows XP, the UK grocery chain upgraded its head office to more recent version of Windows OS

Retail IT experts warn on XP deadline

Date: 08.04.14 | Section: News
After years of warning Microsoft has today discontinued support for Windows XP and Office 2003. explores the impact on retailers

Learning the lessons of the Target breach

Date: 11.02.14 | Section: Market Analysis
IT security expert Corey Nachreiner provides retailers with six key network security learnings from the recent Target data breach in the US

RBTE: In-store retail fights back

Date: 13.03.13 | Section: News
UK trade show showcases footfall tracking, assisted sales and queue-busting technologies to maximise the value of physical retail investments, writes Miya Knights

Whispering windows showcase latest Gap campaign

Date: 16.10.12 | Section: News

Datacom leads with Windows Phone 7 app

Date: 11.11.10 | Section: News
Sydney developer launches Australia's first application for online ordering on behalf of Eagle Boys Pizza available on Windows Phone 7

Date: 18.10.10 | Section: News
Microsoft partners with for the international launch of its new mobile operating system

Windows 2000 support withdrawal poses security risks

Date: 06.05.10 | Section: News
Thousands of companies at risk of breaking compliance rules warns, MWR InfoSecurity

Microsoft releases Windows Embedded Standard 7

Date: 29.04.10 | Section: News
Software giant delivers Windows 7 technologies to device manufacturers with rich user interface capabilities and integrated multimedia features