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Shoplifting and employee theft top Irish retail concerns

Date: 21.07.14 | Section: Events News
The first iteration of the Irish Retail Fraud survey showed that Irish retailers are most hit by shoplifting, employee theft and by fraudulent credit card use. Monica Heck reports.

Retailer re-launches B2B e-gift card

Date: 12.04.13 | Section: News
House of Fraser partners with digital gifting and incentives provider over e-gift card to capture the business-to-business (B2B) market

Employees must become workforce management focus

Date: 14.10.12 | Section: Market Analysis
With an increased focus on exceptional customer service as a competitive differentiator, workforce management systems expert James Freshwater argues that retailers need to place greater emphasis on cultivating greater employee fulfilment

Co-op streamlines employee expense claims

Date: 18.08.11 | Section: News