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New London retail venture specs retail IT

Date: 14.04.14 | Section: News

Grosvenor Shirts updates retail IT management

Date: 08.04.14 | Section: News
Outfitters to HRH Queen Elizabeth II purchases new head office and EPoS software to expand the business and develop its high value own label brand

STUDY: South African retailer busts silos

Date: 06.12.13 | Section: News
Self-service support and improved operational process help break down barriers between head office and stores for Lewis Furniture Retail Stores

Poundland quids in with Office 365

Date: 12.11.13 | Section: News
Discount retailer invests in new Microsoft cloud collaboration tools to support improved internal communication among staff ahead of rapid UK expansion

TV celebrity enlists e-commerce support

Date: 26.09.13 | Section: News
Stock management IT used at launch of a new fashion and beauty website by TOWIE celebrity and tabloid and paparazzi favourite Amy Childs

English Heritage modernises management systems

Date: 13.09.13 | Section: News
Upgrade of head office and point-of-sale systems improves customer experience for English conservation organisation

Flannels upgrades head office IT

Date: 10.07.12 | Section: News
Integrates retail management systems to strengthen multichannel offering with Eurostop

Poundland chooses 3-in-1 communications

Date: 30.03.12 | Section: News
Discount retailer gets bundled voice, internet and data connectivity between stores and head office