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Artificial Intelligence takes centre stage at NRF 2018

Date: 16.01.18 | Section: News
Artificial Intelligence is almost becoming the ubiquitous technology as it seems in some way or other to find its way into pretty much every IT solution in the marketplace - even if it is far from clear whether it is actually required, writes Glynn Davis of

e-commerce conversion boost at John Smedley

Date: 19.08.14 | Section: News

RFID-based inventory intelligence for Zara

Date: 22.07.14 | Section: News
Radio frequency allows retail giant Inditex, home of Zara, to track items from warehouse to check-out

Can Big Data really boost store growth?

Date: 23.01.14 | Section: Ask The Expert

Retail fails to use path-to-purchase data

Date: 07.05.13 | Section: News
New report finds retailers not taking full advantage of online site and shopper data to increase engagement and drive sales

Predictive analytics: a retail game-changer

Date: 26.04.13 | Section: Market Analysis

Channel Islands' Co-op benefits from BI

Date: 06.02.12 | Section: News
Focuses on building market share by exploring the value of transactions

Hama chooses price intelligence solution

Date: 16.06.10 | Section: News

Lixto launches real-time intelligence suite

Date: 05.05.10 | Section: News
New software is designed to helps consumer products and travel and transport companies maximise revenues and profits

New England Seafood replaces business intelligence systems

Date: 12.02.10 | Section: News