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Mobile engagement helps retail overcome survey fatigue

Date: 11.04.14 | Section: Market Analysis
Mobile customer engagement expert Tony Busa questions why up to 80% of shoppers walk out of stores without making a purchase? Equally important, he asks how do you convert them?

EXCLUSIVE: US consumers value retail Wi-Fi

Date: 10.01.14 | Section: News
Results of an exclusive shopper survey reveal why offering free public Wi-Fi in retail spaces in a growing trend on both sides of the Atlantic

REPORT: ‘Showrooming’ trend on the rise

Date: 15.11.13 | Section: News
New study into UK shopping habits in the digital age reveals more consumers than ever are using their smartphones to browse while in High Street stores

SURVEY: Consumers avoid store service

Date: 05.09.13 | Section: News
New research suggests consumers are being driven online by increasingly bad shopfloor retail experiences launches new mobile experience

Date: 03.09.13 | Section: News
Optimised shopping experience makes buying bathrooms even easier for customers visiting UK online retailer via mobile

Is free consumer Wi-Fi a good thing?

Date: 16.08.13 | Section: Ask The Expert

Mobile increases multichannel influence

Date: 01.07.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Consumer research indicates shoppers are permanently 'plugged into' their smartphones and 'ready to shop'

Retail driven towards multichannel

Date: 20.06.13 | Section: Events News
The success of e-retailers is forcing traditional retailers to re-evaluate their business models, writes Glynn Davis of, exclusively for

Large retailers slow to adopt omnichannel

Date: 14.06.13 | Section: Market Analysis
New study finds lack of effective training, service and use of technology services to support omnichannel offer instore

High Street continues to lose online battle

Date: 29.05.13 | Section: News
New report predicts that the UK retail landscape will continue to change as online sales grow at the expense of High Street stores and jobs across large and midsized retailers