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Ask The Expert

Will cash play a role in the store of the future?

Tuesday October 8 2013

As more and more consumers ditch cash in favour of plastic and even mobile payments, industry expert Chris Davies discusses the future of retail payments in response to's homepage poll

Skills & experience hold key to retail IT success

Wednesday September 18 2013

Industry HR expert Karen Richards discusses the specific skills and experience needed to succeed in a senior role within retail technology

How personal is personalisation?

How personal is personalisation?

Wednesday September 11 2013

In line with’s homepage poll, Bruce D'Ambrosio, the ‘godfather of personalisation,’ discusses the difference between personalisation and segmentation

Is the PC dead as a purchasing platform?

Is the PC dead as a purchasing platform?

Wednesday September 4 2013

Although the jury is still out according to the Ask The Expert poll on’s homepage, e-commerce expert Phil Rothwell predicts the death of shopping via PC

Is free consumer Wi-Fi a good thing?

Friday August 16 2013

The latest in our series of ‘Ask the Expert’ articles explores the potential impact of pervasive wireless communications in retail stores

New survey finds 70% of Brits abandon online carts

Wednesday July 10 2013

The latest in our series of ‘Ask the Expert’ articles explores why new research has found online basket abandonment remains high

Are retailers prepared for the age of the individual?

Wednesday May 29 2013

Given the unprecedented pace of change in the global marketplace, retail IT expert Sarah Taylor discusses how retailers need to adapt to individual customer demands to survive

Does e-retail require new merchandising capabilities?

Wednesday May 8 2013

E-commerce experts, Adrian Gordon and Andrew Fowler, argue that segregated, 'best-of-breed' merchandising systems no longer make sense in today’s time-poor retail world

Should retailers make use of eye-tracking technology?

Wednesday May 1 2013

In the next of our series of ‘Ask the Expert’ columns, eye-tracking technology expert, Simon Griffin, argues those not looking at its potential benefits might be missing a trick

Is retail ready for the wireless revolution?

Wednesday April 24 2013

Ian Kilpatrick, secure IP infrastructure specialist, discusses the rapidly growing adoption of wireless and what it means for the future of IT networks in retail

Will NFC become the m-commerce standard?

Wednesday April 17 2013

With NFC-enabled phones set to exceed 500 million by 2014, the Retail Technology homepage poll asked signage expert Mark Bartlett if he is betting the comms technology will become standard

Contact centres hold service key

Wednesday April 10 2013

As customer service becomes a key differentiator, retail brands are demanding their call centres work even harder, according to contact centre technology expert, Joe Doyle in the next in a series of expert comment